New Single

"Young Sean Young"

debuts friday 10/6

via "heat wave",  a COMPILATION benefit album from the small batch record label Throne Age


B Forrest Promo Image.jpg

2017 City of Chicago Individual Artist Grantee and John Lennon Songwriting Competition Finalist:

Songwriter | Producer | Guitarist B Forrest's  palette of audible paint contains the colours blues, folk, love, and soul.

Currently working on his sophomore album and producing a handful of other projects; B's debut album “Back to Bodhi”, was god nods from publications such as AfroPunk, Pilerats, Rage (NBC Aus), Vocalo (NPR), Local Anesthetic (XRT).

The newest single "Young Sean Young" (out October 6th) get's it's name from being inspired by the industrial soundtrack to the cult film Blade Runner. To commemorate the release of new film Blade Runner 2049, B teamed up with small batch label Throne Age to deliver this neo-nior sci-fi piece as an donation on a compilation benefit album Heat Wave to the charity 350.0rg.

Click Here To Donate to the Heat Wave Compilation Album.

B can be found around Chicago in the many projects he collaborates on, or performing his works solo or with his live band, "The Bodhis".


10.7 HOUSE SHOW | Chicago, IL

10.14 GREASE JAM | Cincinnati, OH

10.20 HOUSE SHOW | Boulder, CO

10.21 CRAZY MOUNTAIN | Denver, CO

10.28 ON TOUR BREWING | Chicago, IL



the official animated video