New Single

"Young Sean Young"

via "heat wave",  a COMPILATION benefit album from small batch record label Throne Age


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2017 City of Chicago Individual Artist Grantee and John Lennon Songwriting Competition Finalist: Songwriter | Producer | Guitarist B Forrest's  palette of audible paint contains the colours blues, folk, love, and soul.

Currently working on his sophomore album and producing a handful of other projects; B's debut album “Back to Bodhi”, got nods from publications such as AfroPunk, Pilerats, Rage (NBC Aus), Vocalo (NPR), Local Anesthetic (XRT).

B can be found around Chicago in the many projects he collaborates on, or performing his works solo or with his live band, "The Bodhis".


Aside from being a composer and songwriter, B is a visual artist and his works can be found under the moniker AUDIBLE PAINT.



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Long time Friend And COllaborator with some of the scene's top TALENT

B has been lucky to call him self not only a cohort, but a friend of some of Chicago and beyond's top talent. Whether it be working as the guitarist for emcee DENMARK VESSEY (Rolling Stone Top 40 Rapper) or indie-songstress GIA MARGARET, his ears and heart is open to all artistic voices. Some of the other many folk he has work with are: SAM TRUMP, DUG (THRONE AGE), SAM HUDGENS, BEN JOSEPH, ANGELE ANISE, JUDE SHUMA, SEDGEWICK, ASTRO SAMURAI, POCKET RADIO, HEAZZA, LIBERTY JONES, and more. 



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