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Hailing from the swamps of Chicago, guitarist and songwriter B Forrest’s palette of audible paint contains the colours blues, folk, love, and soul. His debut album entitled “Back to Bodhi” (due out October 2014), was a seed turned tree at the end of last year. The album was recorded among some of Chicago’s finest musicians in a coach house on the west side, and post-production took place in Cape Town, S.A. It is through singing that the soul is freed from the flesh, so join him in praise, because Buddha believes in thee.


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Tyler Berg - Drums

Caroline Davis - Saxophone and Flute

Brendan Forrest - Guitars and Vocals

Ben Jai Hoffman - Organ, Rhodes, Keys

Garrett McGinn - Bass

Anders Nordstrom - Guitar

Maggie Vagle - Vocals

Horn Bread:

DBP - Trombone

Sam Trump - Trumpet and Vocals

Quartet Datura:

Amanda Bailey - Violin

Katie Klocke - Second Violin

Marta Honer - Viola

Nora Barton - Cello

Doug "Dug" Saltzman - Engineer and Producer

All songs written by Brendan Forrest


in the studio (The Coach House), nov 2013